An innovative process

The production line follows a simple process :

Say farewell to your stock of semi-finished lenses!

This young Jura Company started from a simple concept:

  • Manufacture of optic lenses available to all, small laboratories and opticians
  • This machine enables an increase in lens production without the need to change machinery or equipment
  • It is now possible to manufacture lenses directly from source, without having to manage a semi-finished stock of lenses

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Schéma Visioptimum


Logigramme Visioptimum

Being adaptable, it uses:

  • A simplified HMI (Human Machine Interface)
  • A computer connected to internet to receive prescriptions directly
  • The possibility of an automatic load/unload system

A new process registered at the National Institute of Professional Trade Marks/Patent

Say farewell to your stock of lenses! Now, you can machine two prescription lenses directly according to your clients' needs without the need to have a stock of semi-finished lenses.

The production line can machine concave and convex prescription lenses. It is equipped with only one lens holder that can also be blocked on ø43mm, or the lens can be held directly by depression to avoid the ‘alloy-blocking’ process.



In an effort to preserve our environment, the Visioptimum engineers have designed their machines taking into account the environmental criteria as well as the usual design criteria.

The production line is designed by taking into account the useful life-cycle of the materials, from the raw materials to end the products life-cycle.

The eco-design approach is not only designed to have a low carbon footprint, but also to introduce a different way of thinking, and therefore encourage innovation, design, and creativity.