Visioptimum - Fabricant de machines pour l'optique

A new type of machine
A precise, multi-purpose, efficient, and innovative process, prize-winner at the national OSEO awards
Maximum efficiency:
A single production line adaptable to your production.
Manufacture of ophthalmic lenses

The conveyor of UVs CVO100

Advantages : 

  • UV conveyor for lens drying
  • Automatic focus for the UV lamp
  • User protected against UV
  • Variable speeds for conveyor belt

Download technical documentation of the conveyor

Visioptimum - Convoyeur de séchage de verres optisues à UVs CVO 100

Conveyor specifications

Lens diameter max: 95mm

Curve max: ± 30 diopters

Lens type: unifocal, bifocal, aspheric, progressive

Lens materials: all plastics and glass


Visioptimum - Encombrement convoyeur de séchage de verres optiques à UVs CVO 100


Input voltage: single phase + earth, 230V, 50Hz

Power requirement: 1800W


  • Without lamp: 42kg
  • With lamp: 55.4kg