Visioptimum - Fabricant de machines pour l'optique

A new type of machine
A precise, multi-purpose, efficient, and innovative process, prize-winner at the national OSEO awards
Maximum efficiency:
A single production line adaptable to your production.
Manufacture of ophthalmic lenses

The Lenses blocker BVO 100

Manual or automatic lens blocker


  • Lens centring (without ring) by three centring fingers
  • Horizontal line up, manually or with target
  • Assisted lens ejection
  • Tank heating by oil bath
  • Cooled plate
  • Non-prismatic blocker thanks to generator and polishing system
  • Filling by the top of the button
  • Two independant tank possibility
  • Automatisation possibility

    Download technical documentation of the lense blocker


Visioptimum - Bloqueur de verre BVO 100

Blocker specification

Lens diameter max. - 95mm

Curve max. - ± 30 diopters

Lens type - unifocal, bifocal, aspheric, progressive

Lens materials - all plastics and glass

Blocking materials - alloy or other

Two independant plates

Two products possible

Tank volume - configuration:

  • 1 tank : 4l
  • 2 tanks : 2 x 2.1l


Blocking special features

Prismatic blocking is possible but not required due to the generator and polishing system. With its computing soft-ware, the generator can machine all types of lenses without specific blocking.


Visioptimum - Encombrement bloqueur de verre BVO 100



Optic control by camera

Optic control by target


Technical specification

Input voltage : single phase + Earth, 230V, 50Hz

Power requirement : 900W

Cooled water : 12°C

Weight : 48kg

No compressed air required