Visioptimum - Fabricant de machines pour l'optique

A new type of machine
A precise, multi-purpose, efficient, and innovative process, prize-winner at the national OSEO awards
Maximum efficiency:
A single production line adaptable to your production.
Manufacture of ophthalmic lenses

The lenses polishing machine PVO 100

Avantages :  

  • Polishing machine with standard or deformable tools
  • Tool path is programmed depending on the polishing surface
  • With programming, the tool is always perpendiculiar to the surface
  • Convex or concave side are polished without inverting the unit
  • Automatic working cycle without adjustement required by the user
  • The tool pressure remains constant during the polishing phase
  • The parameters are set on a touch screen for the manuel version
  • Loading can be automated



Visioptimum - Polisseuse de verres concaves et convexes PVO 100

Polisher specification

Lens shape - circular, ellipsoid or other shapes

Lens type - unifocal, bifocal, aspheric, progressive

Lens curve :

  • concave : 30 diopters
  • convex : 30 diopters

Tools - Standard soft tools

Download technical information of the lenses polishing machine

Polishing special features

Surface polishing is always perpendicular to the surface. The user sets the surface parameters and the polishing machine places the tool and the lens during the polishing phase, the user does not have to adjust the machine manually.

Technical informations

Input voltage : single phase + Earth, 230V, 50Hz

Power requirement : 1.2kW

Polishing liquid is cooled in colsed cuircuit


Visioptimum - Encombrement polisseuse de verres concaves et convexes PVO 100