Visioptimum - Fabricant de machines pour l'optique

A new type of machine
A precise, multi-purpose, efficient, and innovative process, prize-winner at the national OSEO awards
Maximum efficiency:
A single production line adaptable to your production.
Manufacture of ophthalmic lenses

The opticometer OVO 100

Il permet de mesurer la courbure des surfaces sphériques et toriques.

Constant precision performance of the OVO100 is ensured by calibration procedures

  • Measure range of ± 20 diopters
  • Precision of 1/100 diopters
  • Sagitta instant reading and measurement in diopter read-out (compared with a giving index )
  • Values read-out with off-set
  • Measures saving on screen
  • Indicates if the measurement is included in the tolerance range
  • Usable in the workshop thanks to its support
  • Rechargeable batteries on electric mains
  • Variable index between 1.000 and 1.999
  • RS232 and USB output for saving measurement


Download technical documentation of the opticometer

Visioptimum - Opticomètre - mesureur de courbure de verres optiques -OVO 100


Visioptimum - Opticomètre - mesureur de courbure de verres optiques -OVO 100


Surface type : Toric or spheric, lenses or tools

Diopter range : From plane to +/- 20 D CX or CV

Radius range : From plane to +/- 25 mm

Index : Fully variable between 1,000 and1,999

Measurement : Metric or imperial

Calibration : Calibrated delivery or possible by customer

Links : RS 232 or USB

Technical information

Computer : rechargeable batteries on 230V, 50Hz

Comparator : Battery 3 V

Dimensions and weight

All packaging:
Length : 200mm / Width : 230mm / Height : 170mm / Weight : 2,5Kg
All portable:
Comparator + head measure and computer = 0,9kgs




Constant precision performance of OPTICOMETER OPT 2000 is ensured by calibration procedure.


The calibration will be done by ‘VISIOPTIMUM’, with CX and CV lenses.

For each calibration, the computer determines : the d axes and the r radius of the rubisballs.

For intermediate values of CX or CV, the computer integrates the d or the r for the inserted value.

This avoids an error that is common on traditional surface meas-urement devices that do not take into consideration the varying measurement relative to different curves, and their contact points between probeball ends.



Visioptimum - Opticomètre - mesureur de courbure de verres optiques -OVO 100