Visioptimum - Fabricant de machines pour l'optique

A new type of machine
A precise, multi-purpose, efficient, and innovative process, prize-winner at the national OSEO awards
Maximum efficiency:
A single production line adaptable to your production.
Manufacture of ophthalmic lenses

The spin coating machine SVO 100

Advantages : 

  • Data entry and cycle launch from the computer
  • Automatic detection, positionning and varnishing of the lens
  • Application of the coating on both sides of the lens

Coating varnish features

The machine allows to have six different varnishs installed and available at any time by simple programming of a cycle.


Visioptimum - Vernisseuse de verres optiques concaves et convexes SVO 100

Machine specification

Lens diameter max: 95mm

Curve max: ± 30 diopters

Lens type: unifocal, bifocal, aspheric, progressive

Lens materials: all plastics and glass

Varnishing of a face for two pairs

Six different cartridges

Download technical documentation of the spin coating machine


Visioptimum - Encombrement vernisseuse de verres optiques concaves et convexes SVO 100


Input voltage: single phase + earth, 230V, 50Hz

Power requirement: 2300W